Government experience

2009- 2014

For Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry I coordinated the national monitoring programs for fish, birds, benthic animals, wetland vegetation, seagrass, water plants, and phytoplankton, ensuring the monitoring strategy met international legislative standards (e.g., for the Water Framework Directive .

I followed the monitoring efforts of other authorities, such as the water boards, and in our neighbouring countries. For example, in my role as Head of Dutch delegation for International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, I harmonized international monitoring and assessment of faunal water quality indicators: And as Delegate for the National Flora and Fauna Database initiative NDFF, I enabled data sharing across government bodies and NGO’s:


For The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation I provided written clarification to private landowners and the general public on the jurisdictional effects of Natura 2000 (network of protected areas in the European Union) implementation: