About me

Thank you for visiting my website! Here you will find information about my past work and research as well as some details about myself.

Organizations and projects that focus on science as much as local (community) knowledge attract me, as I am convinced that change comes from integrating the two.

Being driven to increase our knowledge of the natural world, my most recent research project found that mangroves are important for a fivefold more vertebrate fauna species than previously acknowledged. I thrive in projects in which I am the so-called spider in the web; being on top of multiple variables and deadlines. For example, I arranged logistics, permits, and funding for my field project surveying 9 Panamanian islands and organized over 30 workshops in two months for the Dutch government gathering knowledge from 200 biological national monitoring experts. I gain energy from helping people by pointing out possibilities and by cutting up complex projects into manageable portions.

Contact me to discuss ideas, if you know of opportunities that may benefit from the above, or to receive contact details of my references: rog.stefanie@gmail.com.

Also feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn profile. 



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