In June 2020 it was a pleasure to present a webinar for Conservation Careers on effective communication skills click here for the recording.

Media Crees

I featured in a documentary broadcasted on Arte in 2019 ” La route des extremes”, in which I explained the complex connections in rainforests and the value of primary and regenerated forests for biodiversity conservation.

Stefanie Arte


Media PhD research

A video on my mangrove fieldwork that uses footage filmed by Ernest Minnema. Please contact me for the version with the original audio:

Click here for a video of a swamp wallaby in the mangroves of North Stradbroke Island. After a few long exhausting field days, I was overwhelmed by emotions!

And click the following link for an amazing sighting in the Daintree mangroves; a cassowary and its chick. We saw five different adults in the mangrove forest during this trip.