La Ceiba, Honduras – 2008

Living in La Ceiba, Honduras as a volunteer investigating factors that affected the mangrove forest Laguna Cacao, is right up there in my top-ten list of best times of my life. Here I ate my favorite food *rice & beans* and got to know the mangroves and needs of the local community.

I also lived on Utila Island at the Iguana Station, where I combined muddy mangrove walks with lassoing pregnant female Spiny-tailed iguanas (Ctenosaura bakeri). We temporary kept them at the station until they laid their eggs, which was done to protect them from a local tradition that involved boiling the females into soup. This soup was believed to provide men with, let’s say… additional strength.


Amphibian monitoring in The Netherlands – 2004 / 2005

I was part of a team of 4-6 people that monitored species and abundance of amphibians in assigned pools. As you can imagine, spring was the most exciting time, but also the most difficult as we had to identify species based on the tiny tadpoles’ mouths!